Forgot to post this coord

aww this coord is so cute!


Forgot to post this coord

aww this coord is so cute!

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catslesbiansandrainbows17: hi, im new to the whole Lolita fashion and I love what I see its just I cant seem to find any plus size Lolita websites and I was wondering if you could help me find some good websites. hope to hear from you soon.

Here’s a bunch of helpful stuff. Tons of inspiration, links to stores, ect. Its a pretty full tag so go wild. :D Good luck and I’m sure you’ll do awesome!


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rhonestly: Uh, that response was perfect. And this blog is awesome.

Thank you though doll <3

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thefancypantskid: When I say "I hate men" I'm referring to what maleness means in a patriarchal society. In short, this specific concept of "man" and "maleness" needs to go away, because it's hurting everyone else.

This is another variation of the meaning I hear a lot actually! And I agree, to a point that is also what it means to me.

Part of it as well is the banishment of masculine expectations and masculinity as neutral. :)


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Anonymous: Your response to that last ask was trash. This blog is trash.

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Anonymous: do you think boys can be feminists? The feminists I've met have said that ALL boys are pigs or disgusting and its sort of depressing having to listen to all that stuff if you're not like that. Its actually made a tear come to my eye when I heard people saying this towards me because I'm a boy. I like basically like all the things you like sort of but the only thing thats different is that I'm a boy.

(To make this faster I’m going to be using “men” to mean cis men and going to make a lot of generalizations that may not apply to MoC.)

Okay. The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Yes but….

It is a LOT harder for men to be feminists and, if I can be 100% frank with you, I think the insult you take at being grouped with other men as pigs or disgusting proves that you aren’t 100% there. Maybe you’re 95% there. Like you have all the right beliefs and all the right attitudes and you know how to thought correct and that is SERIOUSLY awesome!

The reason IDT you should get upset at that kind of talk is because rarely does anyone mean they actually hate all men. Or that all men are scum or whatever. Generally what is meant is that they hate the privilege men have, they hate the systems men benefit from, and they hate that they suffer oppression because of their bodies.

You probably understand all the things it takes to be a decent person, and in turn a good feminist, or at least enough to be considered a feminist in some aspect of the word. Thus, I (K), personally believe you have EVERY right to identify as a feminist.

Some people do not think men should be feminists. There are many reasons behind that. They include but are not necessarily limited to

  • Men can be allies but they don’t really get the struggle
  • Men try and invade all “female spaces”
  • Many men make feminism about them

I’m sure there are 100 other reasons some people don’t want men to identify as feminists. You need to search within yourself, figure out why you’re so bothered by what people say, and then identify however you want so long as you’re upholding the ideals that come with that label.

Have a wonderful day!


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Make it all make sense to me. (by Lais Gonçalves)


Make it all make sense to me. (by Lais Gonçalves)

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8/2/14 coord for a friend’s meet. I was going for a princess type of look.


8/2/14 coord for a friend’s meet. I was going for a princess type of look.

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notahyena: You look great in lolita! As a larger person I was wondering what you do about making sure things will fit. Do you make your dresses yourself? Sorry if that's offensive! I am trying to see how I can get into the style.


oh no it’s not offensive at all, I’m happy to answer. Making sure things fit, no matter if it’s brand, custom, or offbrand is measuring measuring measuring. I am taller then most at 6 foot, with d-cups and 39 inch waist and its just a matter of measuring before you buy and then deciding if it fits you.

Many people are shocked to find out a lot of the big brands carry dresses that that can fit quite big girls! I only own two brand dresses at the moment but I have my eyes on plenty more! Nearly every brand will have their measurements printed in CM for the bust and waist if not more. I think it’s safe to subtract about 2 inches from those numbers to make sure you have no nasty shocks and surprises when it comes time to try it on.

This JSK is from BTSSB and as you can see here on it’s lolilibrary page it’s max measurements are at 43 inches, more then enough space for me in a sports bra. It’s a little short for me (well, everything is a little short for me) so i pair it with an underskirt which is completely common in lolita fashion.

My other JSK from the same brand is even bigger at a max bust of 47 inches! I could wear a push up if I wanted! It’s still on sale in pink if any lolitas are looking.

Here are some other brand bits on sale now:

btssb babydoll

meta eyelet skirt

IW noble OP

IW cutlery JSK

AP magical etoile JSK

Ok let’s get away from brand, you can find a lot of plus size clothes that can be lolitasized. One of my favorite outfits was made of bits and pieces of nonloli clothes.  I went with a sailor lolita theme and used a skirt that is a true full circle skirt so It would sit in the proper cupcake shape over petticoats. It was also a modest length and not to cartoony so it worked out perfectly  for lolita. I used a modestly cut sleeveless blouse and since sleeveless is a nono I just used a cute bolero it cover up. Even my hat was altered. I pinned a hairbow on a simple cap to make it cuter, as well as picking slightly visible bloomers to up the lolita factor. You can skip a lot of the brand hassle by going this route because there are plenty of clothes out their that can be adjusted.

lolita like things you can buy now:

modcloth sailor dress

modcloth blow blouse

modcloth black bow blouse

simply be rose colored blouse

pin up girl clothing unicorn skirt

pin up girl clothing fairytale skirt

and then there is custom work. This means making your own or having it made. I have made a lot of fancy stuff but no lolita dresses but I have bought custom work from gloomth as well as many etsy shops who are happy to make your dresses to measure! If you are working yourself though I would suggest using patterns made for dirndls, 18th century dresses, as well as alice style costumes to get the right shapes, as well as adding a lot of extra gather to the skirts!

Here are some pattern ideas:

dorothy dress as a jsk pattern

rococo dress as an op base, just shorten the skirt

dirndl as jsk pattern

another dirndl

a alice pattern that could go very ita but if used with care could be cute.

retro dress that could be made into a JSK

I hope this helps!

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Anonymous: Hi!! I want to get into Lolita but I noticed that a lot of the dresses are very straight-cut in the upper area and as someone with a very hourglassy figure that probably wouldn't be very flattering. Do you know of any (affordable) Lolita clothing that'd fit my figure better, or should I just size up and tailor the waist?

Hello friend! I have a few suggestions for you so buckle up!

First of all you COULD totally size up and tailor the waist. Altered lolita is a thing lots of people do. You could also also go for different shapes like a babydoll high waist a-line type shape. Here is an example.


You should also consider that MANY lolita dresses having shirring (or like stretchy elastic around the bust if you’re not familiar with the term). This means it shrinks or grows to the shape of your body, which would be perfect for someone with an hour glass shape. Just make sure you check measurements and whether or not it has shirring.

An hourglass figure can work with lolita but the goal of lolita isn’t really an hourglass figure. The shape is one that you would see more in gyaru for example. Many of the girls with that body shape opt for the higher waisted dresses to try and cover it up. You can totally work with it in a flattering way in lolita. Just be careful, especially with blouse and skirt combos, because it can look a little wonky. Like this:

You can also always consider custom size options from replica sellers, indie brands, taobao, ect! There are tons of options for custom sizing and if you go through some of our old asks you can find tons of links.

Good luck! would probably have some more ideas for you as well if you didn’t get what you need from this. :)


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