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This is our frequently asked or expected questions.

Who runs this blog?

We are choosing to remain anon for the most part because we would like to keep the questions/complaints about this blog ON THIS BLOG and not our personals. Here is a bit of info about us though:

K: I am a white, demi-sexual, agender, college student. Some fun facts about me, I’m a hardcore multi-shipper, a vegetarian, primarily a classic lolita with dabbles in sweet and country, an avid goat lover, and my favorite color is lilac.

A: White, queer/pansexual, broke art student, still learning. I prefer Classic and Gothic Lolita. Things that make me happy include: Olive Green/Gold, Cheap Shit, Being inclusive and kawaii. Things that make me cry include: Painfully ignorant people and how Kiki and Jiji can’t talk any more.

Why do you use the power fist if it is cultural appropriation?

This is an age old discussion and here is our stance on it, feel free to disagree: It is a common symbol that people easily recognize. Though the power fist DOES have a large association with the black power movement, that is not the only time it has been used and research will show it was used long before then and will probably continue to be used for movements in the future. When something better/less appropriative comes along we will switch.

Can I interview you?

Sure, send us a non-anon message with your email and what you want to talk about.

What is your opinion on _____

Check the most obvious tags (i.e. replica, plus size, lolita of color). If you don’t see it feel free to ask.

Can I submit photos/opinions

Yes. We can not promise we will publish it, but if it is something we think would be right for the blog then we will, though we reserve the right to edit it slightly.